Welcomes the

Symanek Administration

Cynthia (Cyndi) Wolfe Symanek

2013 – 2015

Dear Florida Daughters,

Drum roll please!

I’m delighted to announce that upon the NBM April vote becoming official on the 6th, the Florida State Society will have surmounted the 10,000 member mark!

10,000. Take a breath … wow!

A shimmer on the horizon for a long time, the Florida Daughters made it happen.

The hard work, long hours of research, and combined efforts of our Chapter Development and Revitalization Committee, our state Membership team, chapter registrars and lineage researchers, made it happen. Thank you!

The hard work, innovative ideas and forward thinking of our chapter officers and program committees in scripting meetings and planning activities that are relevant to the world in which we live is retaining members and has more Daughters active and involved. Thank you!

Something else to celebrate! NSDAR 125, and you — 10K in 2015.

Congratulations and thank you!

Cynthia Symanek

Florida State Regent



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